This is my friend (I call her my sister)
Camilla in Greve in Chianti where I lived.
This was outside of the Louvre
Musee in Paris--that's in France.
My karate
was an
It was cold in Salzburg after
My crazy Uncle in Rome. He embarrassed me!
I always wear my helmut--biking,
skateboarding and roller blading. I don't
want to lose my head.
Chocolate Chip cookies were a real treat
in Italy. My friends really liked them.
Christmas in San Diego--2007
This is Bruno my friend in the piazza
My Italian tutors in San Diego. Yolanda and Chiara.
I really like them. They are both from Italy.
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Italy, Casey and Other Good Stuff
Well, it has been almost two years since
updating me.
I've been very busy.

I've lived in Italy for a year. I speak Italian.
I am in the 4th grade now.
Be sure to read my blog.

KZ in Toscana
I like roller blading in the park
San Francisco for Thanksgiving 2007
My Blog About Italy
KZ in Toscana
This is my class on a field trip to Piambino, Italy
Me and Max in Piemonte, Italy
Mister Cool Dude!
New Year's Day 2008
Valentina, my tutor in Italy, gave me a book on
Leonardo da Vinci for Christmas--in Italian. I
really admire his inventions and art. I saw the
Mona Lisa at the Louvre.
The beach at Riva del Sole