This is my "in-progress" page.  Grandma adds to it
when I'm photogenic. Or when she remembers her
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I really like school--most days. I worked hard on my
science project. Papa helped me with it.
I am pretty proud of myself.
My project was
This is me doing homework at my desk at home. I have homeword EVERY night!
We Celebrated the 100th Day of the School Year.
My report card was so good that granma and papa were super
happy--but not as happy as I am. I got almost all E (excellent)
and G (good) and just  a few S (satisfactory.)  I am doing
well in math, reading, science and social studies. We went out to
dinner to celebrate and Uncle Jeff brought me some yughio
cards.  I am going to try to get rid of the S's. I am a good reader
even though I don't like it very much.
I also like sports. Can you tell? Right now I am playing Little
League. I am on a Rookie team--the Padres. I really can hit the
ball hard--even though lots of times I miss and spin around!
Bruce Lee--watch out!
Classmate Friends---Basketball Rivals
Girls from Bejing Children's Choir--Senny, Lydia, Casey, Angel, Sunny
My basketball team was the Black Cobras. I really
like basketball but I'm just learning how to play. I am
a good dribbler. It's hard to find time to do my
homework!  I keep grandma and papa very busy. This
is Kianna. She is in my class and she plays basketball,
This is my Uncle Scott
My friends from Beijing--that's in China.
Denny, Lydia, me, Angel and Sunny.
They stayed with us for two days. I liked them.
This is my Uncle Scott. He lives in Eugene, OR. He is
a lot of fun and laughs a lot. He says I am "too much"
for him. He likes to build legos. His dog is named
Jerry Garcia after guess who? I really like him.