Me in Ecuador
      This was so much fun!

I really like to travel and see new and
different places. This summer I went to
Ecuador with Gramma and Papa. I saw blue
footed boobies, frigates, iguanas, lizards,
macaws, snakes and lots other creatures in
the Galapagos Islands and the Rain Forest. I
went swimming in an Amazon River with the
pirranhas. They didn't eat me!
I met some Rain Forest people called the
Achuar. They really know about the rain
forest and all the plants and animals. I learned
a lot.
We also spent time in the Andes and went to
markets and volcanoes and haciendas. It was
all really pretty.
Next summer we are going to Alaska and the
Arctic Circle. I am excited about that.
My Ecuador Trip
Helping Nora, our Galapagos Guide.
My friend, Zach, in Florida. He was so funny!
This was where they bring rescued wildlife.
My shipboard girlfriend, Maria, from Ecuador.
Riding the Rails in the Andes--Ecuador
Helping my friend, Washington, steer the zodiac in the Galapagos.
Night time in Quito.
Going down a lava tube in the Galapagos.
The intrepid explorer--Ready for Anything!
My teacher, Mrs. Estey. I like her.
I Am A First Grader Now!
First Day of First Grade
My friend, Jace.
My good friend, Kurt.
Look at all my books! I'm sure going to learn this year.
Me and the Kapok Tree in the Amazon Rain Forest
Rafting the Amazon Rain Forest