A little about me:              
I am 6 years old. I am in the first grade and I really like it. I have
a cool teacher and lots of good friends. I just got my first report
card and I earned all E's and G's. I am happy about that. I am a
good reader and mathematician.
I like to travel. We just came back from 5 weeks in Italy-this was
my second time there and I like it very much.. I was on Mt. Etna
and saw the lava flowing.  I saw the colosseum in Rome where the
gladiators were. In Sicily we saw very old Greek and Roman
temples. Most of them are falling down with lots of piles of huge
stones. We had a good time and I got to see my girlfriend Sofia
again. I think she is pretty.
I had my own tutor while we were in Italy so that I could keep up
with my classmates in San Diego.  It was like having a big brother.
This is my friend Sofia in Tuscany. It was fun to see her again.
Meet Some of My Other Italian Friends
My friend Lucio in Riposto, Sicily  He had a Play Station.
Meet  my friend the fisherman. He had a neat octopus.
This is a boar. I thought he was really cute.
Which of us is the funniest? The man who made these used to talk to them.
Marc was my tutor. We are on the plane to Italy. He was so cool.
Somtimes I like to stop and just talk to Jesus.
I had school every morning for an hour.
This is a funny car. It is called a Smart Car.
Fun in Italy!
This is my friend Alessandro in Syracuse, Sicily. We played futbol.
I was so embarassed!  This was in the Piazza Navona in Roma.